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Josh and Matt want to make a show that explores the theatrical and social potential of treadmills. But here's the hitch: All of their work developing the show has to occur ON motorized treadmills. For five hours a day over three weeks, they'll never stop moving along America's favorite intstruments of atonement. Drop by the rooftop of The Contemporary Austin to see what they're up to, participate in the creative process, and maybe bring them a little snack? 

Created and performed by Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope

Fri April 12: 12:30-5:30pm*

Sat April 13: 12:30-5:30pm*

Sun April 14: 12:30-5:30pm*

Wed April 17: 3:30-8:30pm

Thurs April 18: 12:30-5:30pm

Fri April 19: 12:30-5:30pm

Sat April 20: 12:30-5:30pm

Sun April 21: 12:30-5:30pm

Wed April 24: 3:30-8:30pm

Thurs April 25: 12:30-5:30pm

Fri April 26: 12:30-5:30pm

Sat April 27: 12:30-5:30pm

Sun April 28: 12:30-5:30pm

The Contemporary Austin: 700 Congress Ave. Austin, TX

*Presented as part of the Fusebox Festival

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