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by Josh Meyer, Lisa Laratta, and Matt Hislope

with guest chefs Carra Martinez, Holly Herrick, Amy Tsay, and Andrew Kenny

January 12-26, 2020 in Lisa Laratta's backhouse

Our Guests:

Todd Mien 

To drink: Lime sparkling water, coffee, two double whiskeys.

To eat: Pork dumplings (appetizer); fried chicken, mashed potatoes with cream gravy, cole slaw.

Katie Green

To drink: Red wine.

To eat: Pan-fried salmon with brown sugar/butter/black pepper, grilled vegetables, chef's choice-of-prep artichoke (au gratin).

Wayne Alan Brenner:

To drink: Topo Chico.

To eat: Cheeseburger, potato chips.

David Moses Fruchter

To drink: Sparkling water.

To eat: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, piece of hard cheese.

Madge Darlington

To drink: A Manhattan cocktail, sparkling water, a crisp beer, a glass of red wine.

To eat: Bleu cheese wedge salad, beefsteak (medium rare).

The Rubber Repstaurant: A typical Rubber Repertory performance in that it was 1) unlike anything else you've ever experienced, 2) deeply interactive and enjoyable, 3) equal parts brilliant and silly and weird and poignant, and 4) requiring a daunting amount of organization and labor behind-the-scenes.

-Wayne Alan Brenner, The Austin Chronicle 

Listed on Wayne Alan Brenner's Top Nine in Visual Art in 2020, Plus One Exceptional Other

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