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By Wallace Shawn   
U.S. Premiere

Directed by Carlos Treviño, Josh Meyer, and Matt Hislope

Design by Chase Staggs, Brigette Hutchison, Steve Shirey, and Josh Meyer

Featuring Adriene Mishler, Mark Stewart, Kelli Bland, Rosaruby Glaberman, Josh Meyer, Matt Hislope, Steven Laing, and David Yeakle

May 4-26, 2007 at The Vortex (co-producer)
July 27-28, 2007 at the Goode-Crowley Theatre in Marfa, TX

Austin Critics Table Award
Outstanding Direction

B. Iden Payne Nominations
Outstanding Production of a Comedy
Outstanding Director of a Comedy
Outstanding Featured Actress in a Comedy: Adriene Mishler
Outstanding Ensemble Performance: The Hostelers

Rubber Repertory did an unbelievably beautiful production of the play, and I hope they'll bring it to New York.  They're a fantastic company run by these two guys, Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope.  They had done The Fever and The Designated Mourner.  They came to New York to see The Music Teacher, and they came up to me and said "We want to do A Thought in Three Parts."  And I said, "Well, you want to do it, but I don't think you'll really do it, because nobody's ever really done it.  Why would you do it?"  Lo and behold, I got a message they were actually doing it.  So I went to Texas and saw it.  They did it, and the audience totally gobbled it up.  It was beautifully directed, beautifully acted.
-Wallace Shawn in American Theatre Magazine

Best show of the year? Without question.
-Barry Pineo, The Austin Chronicle

It occurred to us as we mulled over our evening watching A Thought in Three Parts that Rubber Repertory has raised the bar for so-called fringe theater in this town.  Again and again they take the somewhat odd yet potentially ordinary and turn it into something spectacular.
-Julie Holden, Austinist

People are fucked, cocks are sucked, cunts are licked, consciences pricked...
-Wayne Alan Brenner, The Austin Chronicle


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