Rubber Repertory creates playful, complex, transformative experiences for both audiences and performers. We like to make performances that awaken the senses, combine the personal with the communal, and provoke dialogue about what theatre can be.


Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope met during a production of Oklahoma! at The University of Kansas. After a few years of collaborating as undergrads, we moved to Austin in 2001 and presented the Best-of-the-Fest-winning Still Born in a Trunk at Fronterafest. We spent the next ten years making one-of-a-kind performances that garnered national attention and four Austin Chronicle cover stories. We co-produced shows with Rude Mechs, Salvage Vanguard, and Vortex Rep and toured to Marfa, Texas and Ensenada, Mexico (aboard a Carnival Cruise Ship!). While our early work focused on "impossible" challenges and restrictions, we soon became interested in creating more experiential and participatory performances. In 2013, we founded The Pilot Balloon Church-House--a pop-up artists' residency in a civil war-era church in Lawrence, Kansas. We emerged from our "indefinite hiatus" in January 2020.

Josh Meyer, Artistic Director

Matt Hislope, Managing Director