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By Josh Meyer, Rebecca Beegle, and Matt Hislope

Directed by Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope

Design by Ann Marie Gordon, Jason Amato, and Laura Cannon

Featuring Jennifer Underwood, Paul Soileau, Kris Olson, Matt Hislope, Silky Shoemaker, Taylor Flanagan, Michelle Flanagan, Thomas Graves, Carlos Treviño, Rebecca Beegle, Heather Barfield Cole, and Joe Hartman

October 10-November 1, 2008 at The Blue Theater

Supported by the Rockefeller MAP Fund

Austin Critics Table Awards
Outstanding Acting in a Leading Role: Jennifer Underwood
Outstanding None-of-the-Above

B. Iden Payne Award
Outstanding Special Theatrical Event


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As audacious a theatrical work as this city has seen, I think, one that crafted 500 individual experiences for its audience and made each member choose just one.  You couldn't help but confront your own desires, but ultimately, the show was  wondrously communal, as audience members lingered to share their experiences.
-Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle

Nudity! Dancing! Singing! Fire! Bodily fluids! Leeches! - and people are still talking about the wonders and weirdness that went down each night.
-Wayne Alan Brenner, The Austin Chronicle

The Casket of Passing Fancy is not a play, and it's not, in any conventional sense, improv.  It's a hyper-participatory extravaganza of perpetual surprise, culminating in a theatrical experience that, like a psychedelic Choose Your Own Adventure story, tailors to each individual audience member's taste, curiosity, or hunger.
-Sarah Marie, Austinist     

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