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By Dick Price

Directed by Matt Hislope

Musical Reconstruction by Lyova Rosanoff

Creative Consultation by Josh Meyer

Archival Materials courtesy of Keith Kritselis

Featuring Adriene Mishler, Mark Stewart, Jay Byrd, Lyova Rosanoff, and Matt Hislope

January 20-30, 2013 in Lyova Rosanoff's residence in Austin, TX

The revue is an expertly curated celebration of Dick's hysterical, gently scandalous oeuvre: a peephole into his brilliant life. Each song flows effortlessly into the next, even though they tackle subjects as diverse as Jesus, hillbillies, la Nouvelle Vague, and table manners.

-Jillian Owens, The Austin Chronicle

Anybody who knows Price's work – and it's a relatively small group – knows Price singing it. He's never pursued fame or even a substantial audience. Most of his music was circulated through cassette tapes he sent to friends himself or on the Dial-a-Tune service he maintained from his home for close to two decades (on which he'd record a new song every day!), and his fan base grew because somebody who had heard his work would tell a friend, "You have to hear this." His closest brush with fame was through the Dr. Demento radio show, which played a few dozen songs through the years.

-Robert Faires, The Austin Chronicle 



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