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Facilitated by Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope

April 23-25, 2010 as part of the Fusebox Festival

Calling all self-aware sensualists!
Calling all erudite explorers of their own existence!
Calling all those who submit to solipsism!

Rubber Repertory wants to give you an extraordinary experience: the chance to have an entire show based on YOUR LIFE. On April 23rd-25th, the gentlemen of RR will be conducting dozens of 10-minute interviews to select a subject for a new work that will premiere at Salvage Vanguard Theatre in October. They'll ask you some questions, tell you some secrets, and administer a few simple tests that won't hurt a bit. A handful of finalists will be invited back later in the week for a more rigorous examination, and then one lucky person will be selected to have their pains/pleasures made abstract/immortal.

Please bring:
your oldest article of clothing
a sample from a journal or diary entry
something that smells like you (will not be returned)

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