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Directed by Josh Meyer and Matt Hislope

Featuring Annie La Ganga

October 6-29, 2011 at 12 surprise venues:

1. A cruise on Town Lake

2. A boudoir

3. The Vault laser maze at Dart Bowl

4. A concrete bunker three stories below 6th and Lamar

5. The Millennium Youth Entertainment Complex

6. The Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata

7. Moose Lodge No. 1735

8. A stretch Hummer limousine

9. Behind a one-way mirror at Austin Market Research

10. Ronnie's Real Food Bistro

11. Randy Palmer's South Austin Gym

12. The backyard of two remarkably strange young ladies of society

The show is two glorious, uncut hours of Annie La Ganga manifesting theatre.

-Jillian Owens, The Austin Chronicle

Time and again, La Ganga proves she is one of the most engaging storytellers in town with no shortage of mindblowing, hysterical, heartfelt stories from her unbelievable life.

-Michael Graupmann, Culturemap Austin

Meyer and Hislope don't like to take the usual route to anything, and the destination is often some freakishly brilliant combination of performance and direct audience engagement. That's no less true of this show, which takes place in 12 different secret venues over 12 nights with 12 different performances from (and cakes baked by) Annie La Ganga.
 -Wayne Alan Brenner, The Austin Chronicle

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